Liam Arzola

Research Intern @ The Max Planck Institute For Software Systems.


I am currently applying to PhD programs!

I am a research intern at the MPI-SWS Operating Systems Group, where I am advised by Antoine Kaufmann and working on investigating TCP stacks for virtualized environments and more recently for μs scale reconfigurable optical networks. Previously, I was a Bachelor’s student at Cornell University where I conducted research (ongoing) under the supervision of Lorenzo Alvisi investigating byzantine fault tolerant relational databases.

I’m excited about computer systems, construed broadly, with an interest in tackling problems concerning the fault tolerance and performance of operating systems, networks, distributed systems, and architectures. Based on my past research experiences, I find two domains particularly fascinating: datacenter systems and networks, and byzantine fault tolerant systems.

selected publications


  1. Virtuoso: High Resource Utilization and μs-scale Performance Isolation in a Shared Virtual Machine TCP Network Stack
    Matheus Stolet, Liam Arzola, Simon Peter, and Antoine Kaufmann
    Under Submission, 2023